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DAMES is a PC based software package that provides the user with the capability to send/receive logistics transactions and narrative text using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) via Internet. The DAMES provides a bridge between DAMES subscribers and the DoD Logistics Community.

Messages containing narrative text, Military Standard Requisitioning & Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP)/Federal Standard Requisitioning Issue Procedures (FEDSTRIP) logistics transactions, non-standard part number requisitions and other data may be built interactively at the keyboard. Transaction files, produced by DAMES or other user programs, are built in JANAP data pattern formatted communications messages for transmission.

Utility software included in the DAMES package provides special processing functions such as displaying, editing, and printing messages on the TRANSMIT file, displaying and/or modifying the user configuration on the RECOVERY file, sorting, displaying, stripping headers/trailers and printing transactions on the RECEIVE file.

Messages and/or transactions may be imported into DAMES for transmission. DAMES will automatically add headers and trailers to the imported messages/transactions. If the imported file contains more than 498 transactions, they will be broken into a maximum of 500 records including the header and trailer. These larger messages will be delivered within minutes of each other, but could be in a different sequence than the input due to multi message processing at Defense Automatic Addressing System.

DAMES Benefits

  • Easy Installation
  • User Friendly/Menu Driven
  • Quick Response Time
  • Error Checking
  • Visibility and Traceability of Data Transmitted (older data is archived)
  • Multiple Transaction/Message Creation Options
  • Message Validation, Processing, and Routing
  • Recovery Capabilities
  • Simplified Communication Procedures
  • Provides flexibility/responsiveness to support contingencies, such as rapid deployment, as well as emergency requirements that are vital to the successful mission of the Department of Defense (DoD).

Creating Messages in DAMES

  • Data-Pattern, using the DD1348 form, 80 card column or free form format. This includes the following:
    • AO_, AC_, AF_, AK_, AM_, D6_ FA_, MOV Series, MRA Series, MRP Series, or QB1 Document Formats
  • Data-Pattern, importing data using an ASCII diskfile
  • Narrative Messages, using DAMES with routing via COMM R/I or DODAAC
    Narrative Formats include the following:
    • AOE/5 Non-NSN Narrative Requisition
    • AME/5 Non-NSN Narrative Modification
    • ATE/5 Non-NSN Narrative Follow-Up
    • Text (Standard Narrative)
  • JANAP-128 headers and trailers are built, transparent to user
  • Full Processing capability of transmit file:
    • Printing and saving to another disk file
    • Journalizing is automatic

Receiving Messages

  • Messages are queued until user connectivity is established
  • Transmit and receive data in one connection (entire data file sent upon connection)
  • Defense Automatic Addressing System Availability; 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK

Processing Received Messages

  • View/Edit all messages
  • Print messages
  • Write all data to a diskfile
  • View/Print/Write to diskfile; data only or narrative only
  • Delete messages
  • Journalize a message file
  • Sort status transactions


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