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DOD Web Supply Discrepancy Reporting (WebSDR)

The DoD WebSDR application supports Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS) implementation of SDR procedures. The Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR) is a tool used to report shipping or packaging discrepancies attributable to the responsibility of the shipper, and to provide appropriate responses and resolution. WebSDR enables SDR transaction exchange; provides a web-based entry method to assist users who are not supported by a Component DLMS-compliant SDR application; and provides visibility of SDRs for research and trend analysis via management report/query capability. The term WebSDR refers to both the overall business process and supporting automation, including both direct web input and transaction exchange. The WebSDR application facilitates communication and interoperability between U.S. Military, DoD and Federal Agencies, and the International Logistics Control Office (ILCO) on behalf of the Security Assistance customers. It encompasses new report submission, correction/modification, cancellation, follow-up, requests for reconsideration, and SDR replies (including interim responses, additional information requests, and resolution responses). WebSDR provides an effective means to report, resolve, and measure discrepancies related to pipeline performance. Data collected will enable the DoD to identify trends, establish volume and dollar values of SDRs, bring management attention to problems with shipping activities, as necessary, and improve the requisitioning and distribution process within logistics operations.

WebSDR (Direct Input) Benefits:

  • Facilitated Web-based entry method for SDRs to support those customers without an automated tool.
  • Auto-fill feature uses DAAS requisition/historical data related to the discrepant shipment to populate various SDR fields.
  • Capability to upload documentation, pictures, etc., to support the discrepancy claim.
  • Web-based input of SDR resolution responses.
  • Detailed discrepancy codes are available to support better understanding of the discrepant condition and follow-up analysis.
  • Captures and provides a life-cycle event audit trail.
  • Contractors may use for discrepancies related to Government- furnished materiel.

Management Reports and Query Benefits:

  • Dynamic query/standard output views with immediate on-line response to queries
  • Download to user e-mail in EXCEL file format (Must have email certificate registered)
  • Offers variable search parameters resulting in the flexibility to have thousands of possible report criteria
  • Drill down capability from one report level to another cascading reports
  • Composite View - Locate all records associated with a single SDR in a chronological order.


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