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What We Do

The Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS)'s primary business is the accurate routing of electronic logistics requisitions between various federal activities. The DAAS eB hub currently employ's the Global Exchange (GEX) software and the Mercator translator.

DAAS has been operating in the eB domain for over 30 years, concentrating primarily on military standard transactions. Since 1993, DAAS has been operating an eB hub of primarily X12-based EDI transactions.

In terms of transaction volume (over 10 million every week), the DAAS eB hub is the largest in DoD, providing a single communications pathway to many Value-Added Networks (VANS), and the private sector trading partners served by those VANS. The DAAS Hub handles all of the details involved in routing and communicating with VANS, freeing DLA buying community to concentrate on electronic business applications. A list of the different Value-Added Networks (VANs) that DAAS communicates with are at the following URL link: VAN List

Each VAN offers different communications options and requires different access procedures, which creates extra work for electronic commerce projects that need to trade with many partners. The VANS primarily send/receive X12 data files with DAAS, via a secure FTP protocol.

The DAAS EB hubs process over two million eB transactions every week.

Electronic Business Translation/Mapping Services

DAAS offers standard mapping based upon the DLMS standards in X12 or XML (MILS to X12, X12 to MILS, MILS to XML, XML to MILS, X12 to XML, XML to X12). The Implementation Conventions (IC) are available at: DAAS also offers custom mapping for other types of formats. Our fee for doing mapping is based upon an hourly rate of per hour. DAAS estimates the number of hours needed to do the work and charges accordingly. Normally this is a one-time fee, unless major changes or updates to the maps are necessary. Map costs run somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000.   


DAAS provides VAN services to federal eB projects for the routing of transactions between DOD customers and some of their Prime Vendor Partners. This means DAAS serves as the central distribution center for the routing of transactions to external sites, Prime Vendors, and internal VAN mailboxes for pickup by Prime Vendors. DAAS/EDI routes transactions to external commercial VANS, such as AT&T/Easylink, who then distribute the transactions to their customers/vendors. DAAS' gateway accepts communication protocols, SFTP, HTTPS, and MQ from both government and contractor customers.

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