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EDI Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS) to process an interchange?

The median time required to move an interchange through the system and deliver to a VAN is 15 minutes. The median time required to deliver an interchange to a mailbox on our own VAN is 5 minutes.

We are connected to many VANs via dedicated circuits. Median delivery times to these VANs are about 10 minutes.

For VANs we reach via dial-up BISYNC, the normal transfer time for an interchange is closer to 20 minutes.  DAAS is currently converting all BISYNC customers to FTP protocol for better and faster communications.

Are public requests for quote (RFQ) available from DAAS?

Yes. RFQ's from the Navy Electronic Commerc Office (NECO) are available on request.

What forms of communication does DAAS support?

  • SFTP across a dedicated circuit.
  • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) provides authentication of the web site and server providing bidirectional encryption communications between client and server.
  • SMTP (MIME) across the NIPRNET/INTERNET and dedicated circuits.

What eB standards and versions are supported by DAAS?

The eB standards that DAAS can process include X12, XML, UDF's and IDOC. Currently, most DAAS eB customers use X12. All X12 versions from 2002 are supported.

What X12 transaction sets will you process?

All ASC X12 approved transaction sets.  Transactions must conform to X12 syntax and contain all required elements

Does DAAS require any particular separators or terminators?

You can use anything that is supported by the standards, and is acceptable to your trading partner(s) and the VANs. DAAS imposes no restrictions.

What kind of computer hardware and software are you running?

The DAAS eB hubs run on HP N-Class platforms connected to a high speed Storage Area Network (SAN). The Defense Global Exchange (GEX) Hub software runs on a UNIX operating system and utilizes Mercator as the translation/mapping engine.

We're a vendor and want to do business with DoD/DLA?  How do we get started?

DAAS is a data communications center for the buying centers of DoD/DLA. In essence, we perform like the post office median in routing transactions to the proper destination(s). Potential new customers will need to contact the various DoD/DLA procurement centers that purchase goods and services to establish a business relationship at the supply centers as an eB trading partner. From our website see the url link for EDI Defense Logistics Supply Centers.

How does our VAN establish a relationship with DAAS and Dod/DLA?

Contact the eB Program Manager at   Be prepared to provide information regarding the communication regimes that you support, and instructions on how to process connections.

If you expect to exchange files with DAAS using FTP, be prepared to provide a username, password and IP address that we can program into our file transfer software.

Also, please read our pages on Host Systems and file naming conventions.

Does DAAS provide services to DLA only?

No. DAAS' eB customers include the Defense Logistics Agency, all of the Military Services/Agencies, the Administrative Office of the US Courts, and others. If you're interested in obtaining services from DAAS for your federal or state government activity, contact for more information.

Does DAAS do translation?

DAAS has translation & mapping software for most eB standards, including all versions of X12.

DAAS provides translation services for those customers who desire it. If the requirement for significant resources must be applied to a mapping project, then it is based on standard hourly rates.

Does DAAS support encryption?

Yes. DAAS will encrypt or decrypt data for VANs and/or DoD/DLAl clients. We currently support PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)--the most widely used public key encryption scheme currently available--and the proprietary Compress encryption software.  DAAS, also, supports HTTPS for delivery of transactions.

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